Rare early Silver GTA V6 Turbo for sale

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Rare early Silver GTA V6 Turbo for sale

Postby Simon_Wej » Fri Dec 07, 2018 1:02 pm

Date of registration: 7th Jan 1987
Former keepers: 13
MOT: 19th Feb 2019
Previous MOT paperwork 1992-2003, 2015-present

Lots of paperwork for spares etc going back to 1989.

This is an exceptional condition Renault Alpine GTA V6 Turbo in metallic silver…..one of only 2 silver GTA turbos in the UK. This is one of the earliest GTA turbos with the flat bonnet and I have owned the car for just over 2 years and have gone through it bumper to bumper cleaning and restoring everything to original spec!

The whole rear of the car was subjected to a £4K refurbishment in May this year (see below) by Renault Alpine Tuning Services (RATS) in Derby and, while there, the sills and front cross member were checked and given a clean bill of health – there is no rust to put right on this car whatsoever, it’s all been done or never needed to be done (unlike many others).

The paintwork is immaculate having been resprayed and lacquered to an exceptional standard in 2016 by the previous owner. The interior, “boot” area and engine compartment have been removed, cleaned, refurbished/replaced etc and are in stunning condition as can be seen from the photos. It has an Alpine (what else!) CD / tuner unit fitted that sounds amazing (the original radio cassette / clock units are also provided if you really wanted to go back to original). Everything works as it should and it comes with the original leather Alpine badged wallet, plus Renault badge that originally would have been on the bonnet, since replaced with a much nicer Alpine badge.

It drives perfectly, the engine is quiet, pulls hard from low revs and really accelerates when the turbo comes in, with a lovely whoosh between gears as the wastegate activates. The ride is very comfortable, and there are no interior rattles or squeaks - apart from the non-powered steering you would not believe you are in a 32 year old car!

Service book and MOT history with mileages:-

Service 7/1/1987: 0m (Supplied by Radbourne Racing, Wimbledon)
Service 2/9/1987: 5408m (Radbourne Racing)
Service 7/ 1988: 12,162m (Radbourne Racing)
Service 27/6/1989: 18,053m (Radbourne Racing)
Service 26/9/189: 24,434m (Radbourne Racing)
Service 19/12/1989: 30,222m (Radbourne Racing)
Service 10/9/1990: 34,729m (Radbourne Racing) – Engine changed and speedometer set to 00000
Service 3/1/1991: 5945m (Radbourne Racing)
MOT 23/9/1992 13,466m
Service 24/9/1992: 13,427m (Radbourne Racing)
Service 19/4/1993: 19,735m (Radbourne Racing)
Service 24/9/1993: 25,916m (Radbourne Racing)
Service 13/5/1994: 33,088 (Renault dealer – Ashwal Garage, Cranbrook)
Service 27/9/1994: 38,904m (Renault dealer – Ashwal Garage, Cranbrook)
MOT 12/10/1994: 38,955m
MOT 26/1/1996: 45335m
MOT 3/3/1997: 49,238m
Service 16/4/1997: 49,317m (Aiden Piers, Altrincham)
MOT 13/11/1997: 52,979m
MOT 6/3/1999: 59,903m
MOT 15/4/2000: 60,761m
MOT 17/11/2001: 68,508m
MOT 20/12/2002: 70,932m
Service 5/6/2006: 76,389m
MOT 17/6/2006: 76,431m
The car was then off the road
MOT 27/11/2015: 77,046m
Service 5/12/2015: 77,082m
MOT 16/2/2017: 78,161m
MOT 19/2/2018: 78,748m
Service 2/7/2018 (during RATS rear end renovation)
Current mileage =

Recent work I have had done:-

2016 Dec: New SPAX adjustable dampers fitted front and rear
2017 New tyres all round (1500 miles use so only just worn in)
2017 Oct: Fuel lines replaced
2017 Nov: New headlamp covers fitted (originals were intact but cracked and are supplied)
2018 June: New radiator fitted (original had a tiny leak and is supplied)
2018 July: Full £4K rear end restoration by RATS in Derby (Alpine specialists):-
Engine and gearbox removed
Gearbox removed from engine and cleaned
New Valeo 3 piece clutch fitted, new rear seal to engine
New driveshaft gaiters all round
Rear subframe and wishbones shot-blasted and powder-coated
All rear lower wishbone suspension bushes replaced with new
All upper wishbone suspension bushes removed and regreased
Rear lower suspension turrets repaired to original spec
Main water pipes replaced in stainless steel
New bush and pivot ball assemblies to gear linkages
Engine serviced, all fluids replaced

2018 Aug: New battery
2018 Sept: 4 wheel alignment (camber, toe in etc), with before and after report

Price £13995

So overall a very original and rare GTA Turbo in a stunning colour and in immaculate condition. Message or call me on 07919 297954 if you are interested or have any questions.

Thanks, Simon











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Silver GTA V6 Turbo
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Matt Silver


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Sat Aug 29, 2015 7:53 pm


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Re: Rare early Silver GTA V6 Turbo for sale

Postby Matt Silver » Wed Dec 12, 2018 6:58 pm

Wow, that looks fabulous - shame you are wanting to sell. I did not realise there are only 2 x silver in the UK, assume mine is the second?
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Dave Williams


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Mon Apr 19, 2004 8:43 pm


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Re: Rare early Silver GTA V6 Turbo for sale

Postby Dave Williams » Wed Dec 12, 2018 8:49 pm

AlanM and Simon T also have silver GTAs

Regardless..not a common colour ...looks great...I do think silver looks good...as the wheels/lights blend..

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Re: Rare early Silver GTA V6 Turbo for sale

Postby simontaylor » Wed Dec 12, 2018 11:57 pm

Yes, Mine is the earliest Silver Turbo existing, registered 1st August 1986.
Min is VIN 42017, where as the one for sale is VIN 420014, so suspect that the car for sale has some extras that took the car longer to be finished and registered. Certainly looks like a real peach of a car :-)
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